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The only saliva drug test on the market that is FDA 510(k) cleared.

An on-site oral swab drug test that can detect the presence of up to 6 drugs simultaneously. It is a simple non-invasive one step drug test procedure.with detection of the THC parent drug instead of just the Marijuana metabolite, increasing the accuracy of the test results. A blue line indicates sufficient collection of saliva. The presence or absence of a red line corresponding to a specific drug on the panel indicates a negative result or presumptive positive result respectively. Obtain rapid results needed without having the concerns of handling a urine specimen.

The test is based on a competitive immunoassay procedure in which drug derivatives immobilized on the membrane compete with the drugs which may be present in the oral fluid for limited antibody binding sites on the colored colloidal gold antibody conjugate. During a screening, saliva is collected at the collection pad and migrates across the membrane.

This is indicated by the movement of the blue lines. If no drug is present in the oral fluid, the colored colloidal gold antibody conjugate will bind to the drug derivatives on the membrane to form visible bands at specific test regions. Any presence of a colored band at a specific test region indicates a negative result. The absence of a color band at the test region indicates a presumptive positive result for the particular test. In either case, a color band at the control region (C) must appear and it indicates that the test has performed properly. If the control band does not appear, the test results are invalid and must be repeated with a new device.

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6 Drug Saliva Drug Test - FDA cleared Oratect Saliva Drug Screen

#HM15: Oratect Oral Swab Drug Test (AMP MOP PCP COC mAMP THC)

  • FDA 510(k) cleared
  • 6 Panel drug test kit
  • Identifies THC parent drug
  • Box of 25

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price Per Test $10.20
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