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Home SteroidConfirm Test

Rapid Detect's SteroidConfirm, the convenient and affordable anabolic steroids test utilizes the most sensitive and sophisticated technology available, to provide you with highly accurate results. It enables sports trainers, employers and parents to test individuals who they suspect may be abusing steroids. Simply take a urine sample at home, in the workplace or at school, and mail to our laboratory using the prepaid Clinical Package. You have the option to perform either a confidential or professional test.

The home SteroidConfirm test is a complete kit
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Prepaid Shipping (within the U.S.A. Only)
  • Specimen Bag
  • Urine Collector / Transporter
  • Custody and Control Form (Chain of Custody)

How does the SteroidConfirm test work?

Simply take a urine specimen at home, in the workplace or at school, and mail to our laboratory using the pre-paid shipping package. You have the option to perform a confidential test (no personal information is required) or a test with a Chain of Custody.

The window of detection for steroids varies drastically. At the low end of the spectrum, the window is only 2-3 days. On the high end, a couple of months.

Steroids, similar to THC, are not water soluble. With testosterone, because it occurs naturally you will almost always detect the hormone. It is necessary to test for testosterone because the body adjusts natural production of the hormone when it is introduced to synthetic steroids, i.e. the levels of testosterone are usually off.

The home SteroidConfirm test is comparable to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) panels, detecting a full list of prescription androgenic anabolic steroids, prohormones, designer anabolic steroids, essential masking agents, anti-estrogen agents, and diuretics. The home SteroidConfirm test can detect a wide variety of illegal substances from the urine samples and makes cheating impossible for the participant.

There are no additional charges for this steroid abuse test. The price of the steroid abuse test includes all lab analysis and express shipping fees (shipping specimen to the lab). Shipping label included is only good for shipping from continental U.S.A. only. For all other locations, we recommend a shipping method that is fast (2-4 day shipping recommended). Results are available approximately 3-9 business days upon receipt of the sample by the lab. Upon registration of the steroid abuse test, select to receive e-mail notifications, and we will send you an e-mail when your results are ready.

In the case of professional steroid abuse test, you will get 2 results: initial lab analysis report and MRO report.

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SteroidConfirm SteroidConfirm

STE-101: SteroidConfirm

  • Prepaid Shipping (within U.S.A. Only)
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Report
  • Secure Online Results
  • Urine Drug Test
The SteroidConfirm Anabolic Urine Testing Kit is a very sensitive and accurate diagnostic anabolic steroid test that was designed with convenience in mind, making it perfect for home, workplace, or school use.

Our Price: $149.95

Home SteroidConfirm Test