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ETG Urine Alcohol Test

EtG tests whether alcohol has been consumed and is most useful in testing individuals who should not be drinking at all. The threshold for Etg testing is 500 ng/ml and helps to "weed out" most false positives that may occur from incidental environmental exposure to alcohol based products.

Please read this IMPORTANT information before ordering!

**For Forensic Use Only**

All Products labeled as "Forensic Use Only" are only sold or distributed to Criminal Justice and Law enforcement Agencies, for example Prisons, Sheriffs' Departments and Drug Courts. We do not sell or distribute to facilities such as Hospitals, Pain Clinics, or Employment Agencies. We do not sell this product for use at Home or to Private Individuals. We will not ship any Oral Fluid Tests to a residence. Orders will be verified before shipping.

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ETG Urine Alcohol Test ETG Urine Alcohol Test

#HETG-105a: Urine Dip Card

  • Detection up to 40hrs past consumption
  • 1 Panel Drug Test
  • Disposable dip card
  • Box of 25

Price Per Test $4.78
Our Price: $119.50 Before Discount