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Hairconfirm Business

When it comes to hair follicle drug testing, HairConfirm Business can be a great money and time saver! Hair Confirm Business is a non-invasive hair drug test kit that uses hair follicle samples collected by you as part of your employment drug screening policy that can detect up to 7 of the most popular drugs of abuse going back 90 days prior. It requires no special training and the sample collection process can be performed in as little as 10 minutes. The collector is required to complete the Custody and Control Form before mailing the sample to the laboratory for analysis using the prepaid envelope provided.

We believe choosing to use the Rapid Detect Hair Confirm Business drug test as a tool for your employment drug screening program is a great idea. The hardest part is collecting the 90-120 strands of hair, each having to be around 1.5 inches in length. You'll need to collect more strands if the hairs are less than 1.5 inches long. If the follicles are too thin, you can use body hair. However, with this hair drug test, you should not mix the hair types into the same sample. The Hair Confirm Business test doesn't allow cheating because it will be GC/MS analyzed and tested by a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified lab and all tests are supervised, reviewed, and approved by Ph.D. staff scientists.

If you're in charge of enforcing your employment drug screening policy, your company will benefit from this very thorough hair drug test. Even small to medium-sized business employers may use this test since it can be used for legal drug abuse cases. If you or one of your employees want to become a hair sample collector, there is a free step-by-step hair collection training guide that comes with this drug testing kit to read over along with a questionnaire you can take afterward to properly teach how to administer the Hair Confirm Business as part of your drug testing program.

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HairConfirm Business HairConfirm Business

HCB-101: Hair Confirm Business (AMP COC OPI PCP THC)

  • 5 panel test kit
  • 90-day drug use history (100% confidentiality)
  • Lab confirmation & prepaid envelop provided
  • Test employees on-site, in less than 10 minutes
  • Free collection training guide

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Sale Price: $74.95
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