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7 Panel Drug Tests

What is a 7 panel drug test?

Simply put, it is a drug test that will be able to detect 7 different drugs and their metabolites. The word panel can be equally synonymous in meaning, as the words "drug" or "strip".

A panel in reference to instant drug testing is a narrow piece of plastic housing that holds a test strip or a row of strips for the purpose of chemically reacting to what whatever specimen is preferred. The objective of the test is for the purpose of yielding a "yes" or "no", "positive" or "negative" test result. The test method is normally urine or saliva.

Hair follicles can be collected in-house or really anywhere but then the cutting sample must be transported to a lab for examination. Before instant drug tests came on the market, in the late 1990's, labs did all of toxicology screening including testing for drugs of abuse by means of electronic instrumentation. Therefore, the terminology "panel" came from toxicology laboratories and now the term has been carried down and still being used as a means of describing test parameters.

The Rapid Detect 7 panel kits have multiple testing options to chose from. Your choice of urine, saliva or hair depending on your particular needs or preference.

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HairConfirm Regular Hair Drug Test HairConfirm Regular

HCR-101 HairConfirm Regular Hair Drug Test a 7 Panel for detection of Seven drugs (THC COC OPI AMP mAMP MDMA PCP).

  • 7 Panel Drug Test
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Cheat Proof
  • Prepaid envelop included (within the U.S.A. only)
HairConfirm Regular is cheat proof, confidential, CLIA & ISO accredited, has accurate results, shipping & lab fees included, and fast, secure online results.

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Sale Price: $69.75
HairConfirm Express 7 Panel Hair Drug Test HairConfirm Express

HCE-101: HairConfirm Express Hair Drug Test (THC COC OPI AMP mAMP MDMA PCP)

  • 7 Panel Drug Screen
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Accredited Laboratory
  • Prepaid Overnight Shipping envelope (within the U.S.A. only)
HairConfirm Express has Accurate results, CLIA & ISO accredited, Confidential, Shipping & Lab Fess Included, fast, secure online results, and Overnight Shipping. A hair drug test for 7 drugs.

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Sale Price: $79.75
Uscreen 7 panel drug test + AD Uscreen 7 panel Cup + AD


  • CLIA Waived
  • Fast, Dark Lines
  • Results in minutes
  • Box of 25

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $129.95 Before Discount
E-Z Integrated Key Cup 7 Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup 7

# DOA-177-161: (COC150 THC AMP300 mAMP500 OPI PCP MDMA)

  • 7 Panel Instant Drug Test
  • Urine drug screen cup
  • Leak proof snap top lid
  • Box of 25

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $151.00 Before Discount

iCup Drug Screen 7 Panel Test Cup iCup Drug Test 7


  • FDA 510(k) Cleared
  • SAMHSA cut-off levels
  • Instant 7 Panel Drug Test
  • Box of 25

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $171.00 Before Discount
Noble 7 Panel Drug Test Cup +AD Noble 7 Panel Split Specimen Cup +AD


  • 7 Panel Drug Screen
  • SAMHSA cut-off levels
  • FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Box of 25

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $175.00 Before Discount