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13 Panel Drug Tests

What is a 13-panel drug test? A Rapid Detect 13-panel drug test is a test device that has thirteen test strips called "panels" (each one tests for a specific drug, although some panels can be divided into 2 parts and test for 2 drugs, on the same panel) and when the panels or test strips make contact with the urine specimen, a wicking process occurs: the urine sample begins to wick up the test strips and soon after test results quickly become visible in the control or test regions, this normally happens with-in minutes, usually negative test results are readable first.

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iCup Drug Screen 13
iCup Drug Test 13
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# I-DOA-1137-011: 13 panel (COC THC OPI AMP mAMP PCP BZO BAR MTD TCA OXY PPX BUP). Box of 25.iCup is a an easy to use simple to operate test procedure. Self-contained urine for on-site drugs of abuse testing. Kit comes with cup, security seal, and result forms.