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Welcome to Rapid Detect INC!
RDI is a leading source for online rapid drug test kits. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time by using disposable on-site screening devices that display results in 5 minutes. Approve job candidates eligible for employment with a rapid drug test and get people to work faster. We are your one-stop shop for online discount drug tests.

Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test Strips iCup Drug Test 13
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Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test iCup Drug Screen 13
#560241: Alco-Screen 02: D.O.T. Approved Alcohol Test 0.02% BAC MADE IN U.S.A. CLIA Waived, FDA Cleared, & OTC.Box of 24. This highly sensitive saliva alcohol test is intended for use as a rapid method to detect the presence of alcohol in substances and to provide a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). # I-DOA-1137-011: 13 panel (COC THC OPI AMP mAMP PCP BZO BAR MTD TCA OXY PPX BUP). Box of 25.iCup is a an easy to use simple to operate test procedure. Self-contained urine for on-site drugs of abuse testing. Kit comes with cup, security seal, and result forms.
Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup 5 Uscreen 12 panel Cup + AD
Our Price: $114.00 Before Discount

Our Price: $189.95
E-Z Integrated Key Cup 5 Uscreen 12 panel cup + AD
# DOA-1257-019: (COC THC OPI AMP mAMP) CLIA Waived. Box of 25. Urinalysis with auto split specimen, hinged lid and temperature strip located on the back side. A 5 panel on-site drug test with results in 5 minutes. FDA cleared, and self contained.
# USSCupA-12BUP-300CLIA: (AMP BAR BUP BZO COC mAMP MDMA MOP MTD OXY PCP THC) + AD (CR SG PH) CLIA Waived. Box of 25. Uscreen 12 panel drug test cup

Alcomate Hard Case AlcoMate Full Kit AlcoMate Kit

The AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Complete Kit features NO CALIBRATION, FDA 510(k) Cleared and D.O.T. Approved. With the advanced PRISM (Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) Senor Technology you get the most advanced, accurate and convenient breath testing system available.

Online Rapid Drug Test Kits: Drug Test Cups, Dip Drug Tests, K2 Spice, Alco-Screen and the ETG Alcohol Test.

  • iCup Drug Test - A rapid drug test cup that can detect the presence of drugs in 5 minutes with the results stable for up to 60 minutes after starting. Some integrated testing features include a temperature strip, security seals, and a photocopy template allowing you to make copies for recording keeping purposes. There are several configurations available to choose from along with two-part result forms and adulterants. Set to SAMHSA cut-off levels.
  • Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup -As a rapid, one step screening test for the simultaneous detection of multiple drugs, the Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup is a very durable and tough drug test cup that would be great for transporting. It's designed for convenience, making it the perfect test for both men and women to use.
  • Alco-Screen - These alcohol test strips offer a very simple method to positively identify the presence of alcohol in saliva or most other fluids. It comes with a color chart to help you determine a person's BAC ranging from 0.02% to 0.30%. It is CLIA Waived and FDA cleared!
  • CLIA Waived Drug Tests - A CLIA Waived drug test is one that has been reviewed by the FDA and the HCFA, to determine that errors in operation will be minimized and protect the life of the patient.
  • ETG Alcohol Test - EtG is a direct metabolite of ethyl alcohol and is a marker for recent exposure. With this rapid dip drug test, EtG may be detected as soon as 2 hours after exposure and may be detected for up to 80 hours past consumption. The ETG Urine Alcohol Tests whether alcohol has been consumed and is most useful in testing individuals who should not be drinking at all.
  • UScreen Cups - available in multiple configurations including CLIA Waived, and Adulteration Tests for Specific Gravity, Oxidants, & Creatinine. This test will give you peace of mind in 5 easy steps.
  • AlcoMate Premium - a simple 1-button operations that requires NO CALIBRATION service to use. The PRISM Calibration Sensor is easily replaceable, and features automatic power-down functionality.
  • Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test - This qualitative immunoassay can detect up to 10 drugs simultaneously using SAMHSA cutoff levels in one convenient flood-proof test that is made in the U.S.A. Simply insert the test strips into the urine sample for 15 seconds and read the results at 5 minutes.
  • Rapid Detect K2 Spice Test - This K2 Test has the lowest cut-off for synthetic marijuana on the market at 25 ng/ml. Our K2 drug test / Spice test detects 18 compounds more than any other on-site screen for k=K2.
  • Rapid Detect SDS (Saliva Drug Screen) - 7 & 10 panel saliva drug screen with a sponge saturation indicator that lets you know when it contains enough saliva. No more throwing away devices due to inadequate specimen.
  • Rapid Detect Card - has been found to be maintenance free - accurate dip drug test that can be used in almost any drug testing arena, providing your state laws allow for rapid drug testing.
  • For over 13 years, Rapid Detect has striven to keep our customers satisfied with a variety of quality products for urine, saliva, and hair drug testing that are guaranteed to work. By carrying the best and selling it for less, we have established long lasting relationships with our clients.

    As a convenience, we offer same day shipping if you place your order weekdays before 2PM (CST) along with a multitude of discounts to keep your company's budget intact. No other company offers a better way for you to save more money than we do. For example, we offer a:

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    • Multi-Item Discount with 7% off when you order bulk drug tests (3 boxes or more). If you need larger bulk orders, please do no hesitate to call us for a price quote.
    • Drug Test Accessory Discount with 15% off via coupon code "RC15A" for current customers.
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    K2 Death Toll Rises

    It's a drug that spans across people of all ages, from teenagers to those well up in their 60's. K2 / Spice is meant to be a copycat for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical found in marijuana, therefore giving the name of "Synthetic Marijuana". Around the world, Emergency Personnel agree that it's a big deal because some dealers have been spiking it with bug spray, which can cause a user's blood pressure and heart rate to go down into extreme levels. This drug has the ability to change a person's mental state to become aggressive, violent, and combative.