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Welcome to Rapid Detect INC! RDI is a leading source for rapid drug test kits. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time by using disposable rapid tests that display results in 5 minutes. Approve job candidates eligible for employment and get people to work faster with a rapid drug test!

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Rapid Detect K2 Test Instructions

The Rapid K2 Test Instructions (Procedure Card)

Rapid Drug Tests

Rapid Drug Test Kits for On-site Drug of Abuse Testing.
Rapid Detect will soon be in business 12 years this June 2014! We have been supplying Rapid drug testing products for over a decade now! Simply put, we know what is good and what is not, that which is not we refuse to sell! We understand that you are looking for drug, alcohol and K2 test kits that are proven to be effective and as accurate as possible. That is why we promote quality, premium brand name testing products that you can appreciate and have confidence that what you invest in will work and be worth the cost. Rapid Detect INC is a leading source for rapid tests that are easy to use and once activated provide recordable results in minutes. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time. Approve job candidates eligible for employment and get people to work faster with one of our tests!

The Urine Drug Test

A urine test remains the reliable choice for many involved in drugs of abuse testing whether for enforcing a drug free workplace or any environment. A urine test is not only the most reliable method but also affordable for companies that are endeavoring to keep a tight budget. These kind of products have a longer detection time than oral fluid (saliva) and can provide more optional drug assays / configurations to test. We are excited to announce our all new Made In The USA, Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test urine drug test card. Other test types include: drug test cups, dip cards and cassettes. Other product brand names are E-Z Integrated Key Cup, iCup Drug Screen, Rapid K2 Drug Test, and many more.

What is a Drug Test Cup?

A drug test cup was created to be easy to use for onsite drugs of Abuse screening and consists of a collection cup with a testing device that is self contained delivering rapid results, convenience and accuracy. Rapid Detect has multiple brand name test cup products such as iCup Drug Screen, E-Z Integrated Split Key Cup, Split Specimen Cup and ToxCup offering multiple configurations as high as 14 drug metabolites.

The Oral Drug Test

A oral drug test is a very popular method of drug testing these days and Rapid Detect has some excellent products available that offer accurate test results for a multiple array of drugs. We are excited to announce our very first saliva test called the "Rapid Detect SDS" Saliva Screen has the first sponge saturation indicator on the market. The SDS is available in 6, 7 and 10 panel drug assays plus a alcohol test option. Other products available are: Oralert 6, iScreen OFD, Oratect III and OratectPlus. Search for the product that is right for you in our "Rapid Oral Screens category".

Multiple Panel Drug Test Options to Chose from

The most popular drug test configuration is usually a 5 panel drug test or a 10 panel drug test. 5 panel drug test kits test for 5 panels and 10 panel test kits test for ____ 10 drugs...there you guessed it! However, Rapid Detect offers products from a 1 panel single drug test up to a multiple 13 panel tests. We invite you to browse our panel drug test categories at the top of our website.

What is a panel drug test? A test device that contains strips called "panels" (each one tests for a specific drug, or some panels can be divided into 2 or more parts testing for usually 2 or 3 substances, on the same panel) and when the panels or test strips make contact with the urine specimen, a wicking process occurs: the urine sample begins to wick up the test strips and soon after test results quickly become visible in the control or test regions, this normally happens with-in minutes, usually negative test results are readable first.

K2 Drug Problem? Test for K2 with Confidence

K2 "Spice" use is becoming an epidemic with our youth and not only in America but in Europe and various places in the world as it is highly addictive and in most states here in the USA is illegal. The K2 Spice Test or instant K2 test is openly being sold in stores the U.S. although, many states have made sales of K2 illegal because of the potential health risks and the negative effects that K2 is producing after being consumed. If your looking for a highly aggressive K2 "Spice" test we highly recommend the Rapid Detect instant K2 Drug Test which is a single dip test and here is why: The Rapid Detect K2 "Spice" screen test is the most sensitive K2 test on the market, detecting at 25 ng/ml both JWH-018 and JWH-073, 18 different compounds used in the majority of K2 products. Physiological effects of K2 include increased heart rate and increase of blood pressure. It appears to be stored in the body for long periods of time, and therefore the long-term effects on humans are not fully known.

Alcohol Tester

An alcohol test is a very economical but effective screening method that provides test results fast. They are normally simple test procedures and results are easy to read. An alcohol kit is non invasive and resolves privacy issues an can be observed directly with no loss of contact and are very hard to adulterate since bathrooms are not required. Idea: use the Alco-Screen disposable alcohol test if you have a Zero Tolerance Alcohol policy and want to test employes coming back from lunch. These kind of tester kit can save you money buy using it as an initial test which saves your breathalyzer until you get a positive or a non negative test result. Lab tests are expensive and can take several days to receive test results.

CLIA Waived Drug Tests

This Rapid Detect Store carries a large selection of only premium products. A CLIA Waived drug test is one that has been reviewed by the FDA and the HCFA, to determine that errors in operation will be minimized and protect the life of the patient.