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Welcome to Rapid Detect INC! RDI is a leading source for rapid drug test kits. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time by using disposable on-site screening devices that display results in 5 minutes. Approve job candidates eligible for employment and get people to work faster with a rapid drug test!

iCup Drug Screen (13) Panel Test Cup E-Z Integrated Key Cup 10
Our Price: $230.00 Before Online Discount
5 Star Rating (2)
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Our Price: $170.00 Before Online Discount
5 Star Rating (2)
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iCup Drug Screen 13 E-Z Integrated Key Cup 10
# I-DOA-1137-011:(COC THC OPI AMP mAMP PCP BZO BAR MTD TCA OXY PPX BUP).Box of 25.iCup is a an easy to use, simple to operate test procedure. # DOA-21107-019:(COC THC OPI AMP mAMP PCP BZO BAR MTD MDMA)Box of 25. Integrated E-Z 10 panel urine drug test with auto split specimen, hinged lid and temperature strip located on the back side.
Rapid Detect K2 Drug Test Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Test Strips
Our Price: $114.75
Sale Price: $108.75
4 Star Rating (1)
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Our Price: $48.00
Sale Price: $42.00
5 Star Rating (4)
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Rapid Detect K2 Spice Test Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test
#30122C-RDI: Rapid Detect K2 Drug Test MADE IN THE U.S.A.(Collection Cups Not Provided) Tests for 18 different compoundsThe Rapid Detect K2 on-site test is the most sensitive K2 screen on the market, detecting at 25 ng/ml. #560241: Alco-Screen 02:D.O.T. Approved 0.02% BAC 4 Minute Test Results. Box of 24. MADE IN U.S.A.CLIA Waived, FDA Cleared, & OTC. This saliva alcohol test is intended for use as a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol substance in saliva.
iScreen Marijuana Drug Test iScreen Cocaine Drug Test
Our Price: $26.00 Before Online Discount
5 Star Rating (2)
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Our Price: $26.00 Before Online Discount
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Marijuana Drug Test Cocaine Drug Test
# IS1 THC: iScreen Marijuana Drug Test. Simple Marijuana drug test urine dip card and test procedure is easy to perform. The iScreen drug test is an FDA cleared rapid drug test card with test results in 5 minutes. Box of 25 # IS1 COC: Cocaine FDA Cleared. Box of 25. iScreen single drug test dip card. COCAINE employs a unique mixture of antibodies to selectively identify the drug of abuse and it's specific metabolite in test samples with a high degree of sensitivity.

Online Discount Drug Test Supplies for Onsite Drugs of Abuse Detection Screening.

At Rapid Detect, we strive to keep a customer tucked away nicely in their comfort zone. At this time, we are working on 13 years of successful business displaying a strong history of supplying quality premium drug screen tests. How do we do it?

Discount Prices - Discount drug and alcohol tests. Rapid drug testing supplies can be pricey but we offer a series of discounts to keep your companies budget intact. You will find our Store Discounts section under the Store Directory on the left side of the page..

A. Returning Customer Discount 5% Off

B. New Customer Discount 5% Off via a coupon code

C. Multi Item - ordering bulk drug tests of 3 boxes or more will result in a discount of 7% off. The more you buy the more rewards you will reap. For larger bulk orders please call us and ask for a price quote.

Shipping is costly and so is your time and one way to help in both of those areas would be to order your drug test supplies in bulk. When doing so keep in mind of the products shelf life so the that your supplies do not expire before you get to use them. Normal shelf life can range from 12 to 18 months.

D. Discount Drug Test Accessories. If you are a current customer you will not pay the full retail price your drug test supplies (accessories) are 15% off via a coupon code

E. Same Day Shipping – Monday through Friday with 2PM Cut-off Time (CST). Our Customer Service Team takes seriously our responsibility to watch and process your order to make sure it leaves our warehouse so that so that it will arrive on schedule, eliminating the need for nail biting.

F. Variety. If it is a reputable brand we should have it. Urine, saliva, hair, drug test cards, drug test cups, cassettes. FDA Cleared and forensic, CLIA Waived and OTC. Workplace and home.

G. Quality: Our rapid drug tests are guaranteed to work. Quality is not a concern here at Rapid Detect. We carry the best and sell it for less.

CLIA Waived Drug Tests

A CLIA Waived drug test is one that has been reviewed by the FDA and the HCFA, to determine that errors in operation will be minimized and protect the life of the patient.

We at Rapid Detect, carry a large selection of these quality premium products so do not let our low prices confuse you with other competitors that have less-than-average quality. Discount drug tests are prevalent in this industry but quality can be a real concern and hard to find.

Drug Test Supplies

Do not make the mistake in thinking that all we carry is just drug and alcohol testing devices. Along with those important items,, we offer a wide assortment of alcohol and drug test supplies that can assist you! So check out our D.O.T. Alcohol Testing Forms, Urine collection cups, and more.

To see a complete list of all the discount drug test items and prices that we offer please visit our Rapid Test Accessories section on our website.